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The rise of short video format content and TikTok

The clock is ticking and time is passing… TikTok. In The Z generation culture, the internet is an integral part. They live by the idea of less talking and more action. And TikTok is a place where they can thrive, share and engage in content that is tailored to their needs. 

We are sure you heard at least one person advising you that if you want to sell something, you need to be on TikTok. We all know by now through various examples that businesses can gain a lot of engagement on the platform, but we also know about a lot of counter-examples. But what is it really that makes TikTok unique, how did it influence the other social media platforms and what can we, marketers and business owners do about all of it?                                                                      


So what makes TikTok so popular?

The foundation of the application is the universal language of humanity. Lip-syncing and dance videos helped TikTok gain popularity in the first place. Even though there is a little bit more of it now, what makes it so unique is the huge variety of music it offers and its sound-on approach. Music is crucial to the TikTok experience because it conveys more than simply visual information. Instead, it acts as a secret language. Users of TikTok can communicate with one another by singing along to its catchy tunes, which become earworms. Therefore, this is also based on the fast food generation, which is keen on snackable content, as well as a sense of belonging. 


TikTok on the throne of social media

Keeping up with pop culture and being the first in the social group to discover and share interesting content, is very important in this internet-dominated world. Although we don’t require social capital, we desire the benefits that social media sites claim to provide. The easy path to maintain social capital is TikTok. This site offers unrivaled support, particularly for new content creators. It’s incredibly complex algorithm shows videos to new people above a certain engagement rate, usually 10% until the engagement rate drops below a certain level. It also emphasizes fostering a sense of community; for instance, you can record a duet with other well-known creators or stitch to their videos. Online enjoyment may easily become a source of income, providing extra motivation for creators. You can shine like a star in the sky of cyberspace. 


How did TikTok influence the other social media apps

The five social media giants- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube – saw the platform’s enormous success and, fearing a severe decline, suggested adding new TikTok-like features. As a result, they attempted to combine the two distinct aspects of social media- easy interaction and entertainment, as well as messaging and keeping in touch with friends – under one roof. To keep up with the latest trends, Facebook has developed several services, including video playlists, series, and now Watch, which lets users watch short videos. Instagram implied reels, before that it had IGTV. The video cover option was inferred from Linkedin, which primarily focuses on business connections. Youtube also makes a special section “Shorts” to discover other clips in which sounds or songs from the current one are used as well. Therefore, it can be claimed that although TikTok is more casual, experimental, and authentic, these social media platforms are educational, career-oriented, and aspirational. 


What Does This Mean For Business Owners and marketers? 

Not an easy question, as the platform has set up a whole new set of rules and options. We think the answer lies in one simple concept: authenticity. TikTok thrives on relatable and genuine content. Content creators on this platform must shed the usual, routine marketing techniques and focus on conveying their feelings, passions and put pure, unfiltered valuable content on the table instead of perfectly cut and endlessly edited videos. 


What we recommend

Achieving the authentic feeling on the platform can be done in a variety of ways, though we recommend humor as the first and foremost strategy. For example, one of our clients, who owns a board game shop, records humorous short videos about the games, creating a unique humor style that resonates with its audience. 

In addition to humor, another element of TikTok celebrity is behind the scenes content that brings products and services closer to customers and helps to create a real, lively community. We also have clients in the fashion industry filming video-bits about the making of their unique products. These videos are swimming in color, textures and visual stimuli. The TikTok community loves and thoroughly enjoys these kinds of contents.


Here is how we could help

Tiktok quickly became one of the most influential social media platforms, and others are trying to catch up with this phase. If you want your company or business to benefit from this platform, but you don’t know how to start or just need some help managing everything, book a meeting with us!