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The bold brand’s guide: an adventure in the whirlwind of trends. What works and what should you ignore?

Do you keep wondering which trends are right for you? Navigating through this dynamic universe of trends can be like a journey for which you find yourself perpetually unprepared. For any brand, the question “Should I follow the latest trends or not?” is more relevant than ever. Between TikTok, Reels, blogs, SEO, AI, Threads and Trends, and so much more, the battle can be fierce – but the winner will always be the one who wisely chooses their battles. Let’s discover together how, when, and why to follow trends – and especially when to let them pass us by.

Dive into the Ocean of Change, but with the Right Equipment.

In a world where the waves of innovation ceaselessly crash against the shores of reality, navigating through trends becomes a captivating adventure, sprinkled with challenges and opportunities alike. Just as if you’re taking the reins of a vessel through unknown waters, so too does each brand have the chance to stand out through the boldness and agility with which it charts its course. If it doesn’t sink, of course.

Step 1. Understand the Source and Relevance of the Trend.

1. Where did it start? Before adopting a trend, it’s essential to understand its roots and context.

2. How relevant is it for my brand? Not every trend will resonate with your brand’s values and objectives.

3. Which brands have adopted it? Analyze who has been successful with this trend and why, but avoid conclusions like “it worked for them, surely it will work for me.”

4. What impact would it have on my brand? It’s vital to evaluate the most likely scenarios and consequences before venturing down any path.

5. Is there a target audience for this trend in my case? Understanding your audience is key in any marketing effort. Hopefully, you already know precisely whom you’re addressing. If not, it’s crucial to take some steps back and start there.

6. Why do I want to get involved? Your motivation should be aligned with your brand strategy. Marketing isn’t about “fashion” or “what worked for others.” It’s about what makes sense for you!

Step 2. Evaluate Potential Advantages and Disadvantages.

As much as possible, analyze the opportunities and risks. Weigh them and keep it realistic. It’s important not to follow a trend just because “everyone is doing it.”

Ask yourself occasionally: “Am I trying too hard?” or “Is this effort really necessary?” Sometimes, you might conclude that it’s better to reorder your priorities and invest your resources (especially time) more efficiently.

Step 3. Ensure and Activate the Necessary Resources.

It’s essential to have the necessary resources to respond quickly to trends that deserve your attention and involvement, and reaction time is critical in this case. Ideally, you’ll “join the dance” within the next 24/48 hours, but it’s important not to sacrifice quality for speed.

The crucial question that naturally arises is: “Can we remain authentic, yet still fashionable?” It’s important to find the balance between being trendy and staying true to your brand’s values – but never give up the latter for the allure of the former.

Step 4. Think Pragmatically: Can You Stay Consistent?

Objectively perceive the big picture. How long did it take you to think of a plan, what resources did you need to implement it, and what results did it bring? Once you weigh the actual amount of effort, you’ll find out if you can maintain a consistent response to trends. Or if it’s worth it. If you can’t meet these criteria, it’s better to focus on strategic campaigns that won’t steal your focus and won’t distract you from your essential goals.

Conclusion: It’s Not a Race, It’s a Journey.

You’re not obliged to follow every trend. Choose what fits your brand, your specific situation, the market dynamics, and what you know will resonate with your audience. Be bold, but keep your thinking sharp, honest, pragmatic, and make rational decisions – they will ensure a necessary dose of caution.

Here at Onlike, we believe in a personalized approach, understanding that each brand has its unique story to tell. Its own journey, its own turbulent waters to confront and map out.

Let’s explore together! Your success is also ours, and your journey is also ours. We’re here to help you navigate these challenges confidently. If you still find yourself in uncharted waters, call us – we’ll come with the compass!

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