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Christmas ads and content that we loved this season and our takeaways for the future

Every year around Christmas, we wait patiently for the most wonderful time of the year—the holiday season! Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s a good time to look back at the ads that popped up on our screens from the most different brands. Every brand does its best to tune into this season’s magic, and some of them really succeed in capturing the essence of the Christmas spirit – you know, the jolly good cheer and all that other stuff. They do it through ads and campaigns, and we just love them so much for doing it. In this article, we look back and share our picks of the best 5 ads and social media posts released this year. Also we will share our takeaways from them, we think we all can use moving forward, so stay tuned. 


TK Maxx “Christmas Nailed”

This ad represents what it means to highlight your unique place in the market by positioning. It gets the message across through such a simple and compact story. You get better gifts for less money — gifts that will impress your entire family. So cleanly put together, too. The visuals and soundtrack make you want to get up and dance through the streets of an idealistic city with Sam (the main character) as she receives all the high-fives you could imagine.

Lego reels

One of the best ways to engage with your customers and build authentic relationships, is to create beautiful content that resonates. Brand storytelling has never been more important, with all the new content that consumers are exposed to on social media and mobile devices. There comes Lego in the picture. The brand is so good at creating endearing content that its fans love. It’s not always expensive and grandiose, rather simple and makes you say: “Ahh, I know this feeling”. 

Did you ever receive a box, shook it, and know instantly which lego set you got? Yes, we did too. That is why we were so thrilled when we saw this short video from Lego. These short, effective and to the point videos are marketing gold. Lego has a powerful brand identity and they know how to make their videos feel true to that with modern, simple ideas.



Building a strong community around your brand, gathering people who engage with your content and really feel what your core ideas and values are, is really important in today’s marketing.

Etsy’s “To the Travelers” holiday campaign takes a step away from the crowded field of other brands, and instead focuses on its strength: hand-crafted goods. They put a lot of effort on building a community around their brand, and they reinforce this idea with this holiday ad. The company wanted to convey this in their Christmas campaign, so they focused on the importance of creativity and sharing ideas with one another. They made a video commercial that stays true to the brand’s values, showing people coming together through their passion for artfully crafted objects.

Our takeaways

So what is the actual secret of creating a good Christmas campaign, or any marketing campaign for that matter? There’s no magic recipe, but in this article we’ve tried to give you some ideas of what works. Ultimately, it’s your creativity that will make your ad successful even in such a crowded environment as the one around Christmas, when everybody (and their dogs) creates ads. We urge you to pay more attention to the three keys: 

  1. simple ideas that feel authentic
  2. understanding the customer and creating inside jokes
  3. building a community around your brand.