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6 Top Online Marketing Trends to Look out for in 2021

At the beginning of the year, we usually do a thorough research to try to establish in which direction the world of online marketing is heading. This generally helps us in determine a few key goals when we set up the communication strategies for our partners and it also contributes to the fact that the content we post is up-to-date, engaging and attractive enough to meet the ever-evolving expectations that followers have.

Strategizing and planning is of paramount importance if you wish to achieve your goals. A well-conceived plan of action is the key to success, especially during times of uncertainty. While many people were hesitant to prepare a game plan during the most ambiguous weeks of 2020, not having a strategy in place can be extremely dangerous for your brand. So you need to set up a scheme, act on it, measure it, then tweak and adapt until the action plan is in line with your objectives.

Today we decided to share with you some of the most important takeaways of our research. The 6 top online marketing trends that we believe will govern 2021 were also based on our own experience from the projects we did in the previous year. Check them out:

The digitalization of businesses will continue

As we’ve witnessed during the coronavirus lockdown in 2020, the businesses that managed to come out as winners from the most challenging times of the year did so by having one key advantage: an online presence. This was an essential part of keeping in touch with customers, advertising their products and selling their services. Other companies which managed to survive without having a website, webshop or a social media account should really consider investing in becoming an authority in the online world as well, because this demand isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Companies should gear up for new consumer behavior

2020 has changed the way we live our lives on a daily basis and that has affected the way we shop and the way we relate to brands as well. Local and national businesses should devote some time and resources into finding out how exactly their target audience’s values and behaviors have shifted. Then, once the data is collected, thorough analysis can help establish new goals and strategies that will reflect the fact that a brand notices, cares for and adapts to their clients’ new demands and needs, even during times of uncertainty.  

Virtual events are here to stay

In the previous year we’ve witnessed the cancellation and the prohibition of organizing events, conferences and all kinds of get-togethers which involve more than a dozen people. 2021 will likely be somewhat similar, in that large meet-ups will still likely not be allowed to happen, so virtual events will take their place until things get back to normal. Companies should embrace this fact and stand out from the crowd of their competitors by organizing online get-togethers in order to strengthen the bond with their followers and prove their willingness and their capability to adapt to the times and the new circumstances.

Purchases through social channels will be more prevalent

Both Instagram and Facebook have developed pretty accessible features for their users, which enables them to purchase things more easily from their favorite brands. While both social sites have integrated this feature in the previous year, it is only in 2021 that we will be witnessing the true power this offers to different companies. As users get used to these features, more and more purchases will be made via social sites, so brands should definitely prepare to constantly emphasize social shopping in their advertising strategies.

Interactive content will continue to yield results

As many new companies start their digitalization processes, there will be more noise in the online sphere than ever before. Brands should aim to post interactive content on not only their social sites, but on their web pages and blogs as well, in order to attract attention and gain long-term followers. Quizzes, infographics, videos, contests, and data visualizations should be posted on a regular basis, to engage users and turn them into loyal followers and paying customers.

Influencer marketing will be bigger than ever

Working with influencers is not a new thing by any means, however, it will become explosively bigger in 2021. With many people turning to social media during times of restrictions, the impact influencers have has only increased and this form of marketing will continue to be a very popular form of advertising in 2021. While in Romania this trend is still somewhat at its early days, the rise of Tik Tok and the consequences of the pandemic has led to a definitive surge in its popularity, so working with influencers will be somewhat of a must this year for brands that wish to stay on top.

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