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5 Tips for a Successful Christmas Marketing Campaign

The holidays are coming, and they’re coming fast. Have you got a plan to make the most out of the largest shopping event of the year? A smart, well-structured, Christmas-themed marketing campaign can help you make your mark, impress your followers, and increase your revenue.

Since this is likely the busiest time of the year for your business, don’t hesitate to leave this task to professionals from a specialized content marketing agency, who can put together a monumental, unforgettable Christmas marketing campaign.  Check out 5 basic tips that can help you achieve this:

Plan ahead and have a foolproof Christmas calendar in place

Just as Santa maps out every house he needs to visit on Christmas Eve, so should you create a comprehensive holiday marketing plan, into the last detail. Winging it just doesn’t work with massive campaigns such as this one, and if you leave everything to the last minute, your marketing efforts will certainly not yield positive results.

Do some introspection and pinpoint your key performance indicators, the main goals you wish to achieve with this campaign, the social and media channels that will help you reach your objective and set the budget to have a clear view of your plan. Start early, work well in advance and make sure that by the time December rolls in, you know exactly what, how, where and when you will be posting. Aim to build online authority in the process, so you’ll become the go-to business for Christmas shoppers.

Make sure your website is in its best shape possible

There’s no room for error in a holiday campaign, which is why you need to get your website in tip-top shape. The homepage of your site serves as your online business card, which means that it should be immaculate, visually-appealing and functional, without any broken links or 404 errors. The same rules apply if you have a landing page or a portfolio website.

Ecommerce sites should take special care of website security, to ensure safe navigation and a good shopping experience for their customers. A fast loading time, informative content about various products and services, attractive photos and videos are also non-negotiable for a successful Christmas campaign.

Get into the Christmas spirit with themed content

Differentiate your everyday posts from your holiday campaign with the help of a few simple tricks. Use special design elements to offer a festive vibe to the type of content you publish near the Christmas season. Try out a more playful, warm and welcoming tone for the texts you write and come up with a relevant hashtag, specially created for this occasion. Use these elements in all the channels where you address your followers and make sure that there’s continuity between what you publish on your website, social pages, newsletters, and blog.   

Make your audience feel special

Remember that the holiday season is about love, giving and being grateful, which is why you should show appreciation to the people who have kept your business going over the years: your followers and customers. Instead of merely selling them your product through diverse content marketing techniques, offer them something of value. Take their story needs into consideration and add at least a few posts that aim to engage them. Offer them a small present for each online purchase, give your audience a helpful, downloadable advent calendar or hand out seasonal greeting cards to thank them for their loyalty. This unexpected token of gratitude will leave a lasting impression and have them coming back for more.

Measure your marketing performance

While planning your entire holiday campaign in advance is the right way to go, be prepared to test, tweak and optimize your strategy on the go. For your content to stay fresh and relevant in the massive noise that governs the online sphere around the holidays, regular adjustments are not only needed, but recommended. So check your analytics regularly, measure your success and modify where necessary.

The Onlike Content Marketing Agency is here to make the holiday rush easier for your company! Leave the Christmas campaigns to us and focus on what you do best: the business aspects of your enterprise!

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